Villa Alegria Subdivision Roxas City


All lots are already sold out.

Are you looking for a village near major landmarks in Roxas City? Then, Villa Alegria subdivision is a must-see option. This quiet and secure village is one of the places where wealthy residents live. But underneath its bravado, this village has the lowest lot prices among subdivisions in Roxas. These lot prices are hard to beat within the city proper.

Villa Alegria is near:

  • Filamer Christian University (or FCU)
  • Capiz Emmanuel Hospital
  • Capiz Evangelical Church
  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish
  • Capiz Commercial School
  • Robinsons Mall Complex

To be exact, phase 3 is just a hundred meters away from the elementary building of FCU.

One of the founders of this village, Mr. Hernan Lopez, Jr., holds an award from the government as the leading developer of most affordable housing in the whole of Western Visayas. There’s no doubt that this village is one of the most economical but elegant places in the city.

Other places near Villa Alegria Subdivision are:

  • HERCOR College
  • Capiz Institute of Electronics
  • Capiz Doctors
  • Villareal Stadium Sports Complex
  • Iglesia ni Cristo Church

Villa Alegria Subdivision is a great place to settle down, especially if you have growing children.

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24 thoughts on “Villa Alegria Subdivision Roxas City”

    • Hi Wilfredo, thanks for the inquiry. Yes, we have 15 lots remaining at Villa Alegria, mostly 125 sq.m. and 100 sq.m. at Php 2,250.00 per sq.m. Please view Phase 3 vicinity map, just above the picture slider, then let me know which lot number you’re interested in. Thank you and God bless!

    • I’d like to know if there is still available lot in Villa Alegria Subd? Can you tour my parents to the site? Sila kc ang titira. Thanks. I sent a PM on your FB please reply.

      • Hi Khaye, thanks for inquiring. Yes, we have 17 lots remaining at Villa Alegria phase 3. I can accompany your parents to the site anytime. Just give me their number so I can call them and set an appointment at their convenient time. Thank you.

    • Hi Jeanette, here is a sample computation for Villa Alegria lot:

      Lot Area: 120 sq.m.
      Lot Price: Php 2,300:
      Total Contract Price (TCP): Php 276,000.00

      Reservation Fee: Php 5,520.00 (2% of TCP)
      Down Payment: Php 22,080.00 (8% of TCP, payable in 60 days from date of reservation)

      The following is the monthly amortization for the remaining balance, based on terms of payment:

      1 Year = Php 22,891.70
      2 Years = Php 12,521.50
      3 Years = Php 9,105.35
      4 Years = Php 7,427.18
      5 Years = Php 6,443.65

      Thanks for the inquiry. God bless!

  1. Hi,,,instant 5thu gid ang reservation fee with out down payment yet? and this can wait until next year?

    • Hi Pani, thanks for the inquiry. Reservation fee and down payment will depend on your lot size and price/sq m. Reservation fee is 2% of TCP (lot area x price/sq m x 0.02), while down payment is 8% of TCP (lot area x price/sqm x 0.08). DP is payable within 60 days from date of reservation. Please let us know if you have more questions.

  2. Hi Jen, I’m Interested about Villa Alegria .I have Few Questions.
    1. What are some of the restrictions of the subdivision?

    2. How much is the price of these three lots( based on the Vicinity map on your website : near Villa Alegria Phase 2 road ,at the main entrance , right side Lot Number1-185,LOt number 2- 179 and Lot number 3- 170.

    3.Please email me about the

    Each Lot Price: Php___________________
    Each Total Contract Price (TCP):_________

    Each Reservation Fee: Php _____ (____% of TCP)
    Each Down Payment: Php ______(___% of TCP, payable in 60 days from date of reservation)

    Each monthly amortization for the remaining balance, based on terms of payment:1 Year, 2 Years ,3 Years,4 Years, 5 Years.

    4.Please Email the grand Total .

    5. Email me also about the price , if we will pay cash.

    6. Email me also about the discount etc.

    Thank you so much!
    I do appreciate me.
    God Bless you!

    • Hello Ann, thanks for the inquiry. Unfortunately, the lots you are referring to are no longer available. Lots at Villa Alegria got quickly sold out over the weekend. Here is the vicinity map of available lots as of July 22, 2013: [edited] Please note that the shaded lots are available lots, so there are 5 lots remaining. The available lot nearest to the lots you previously identified is Block 1 Lot 9 (125 sq m), do you want us to send a detailed computation for this lot?

  3. oh! i forgot Jen ,I’m looking on the vicinity map. there’s number 1 with circle . there’s no legend at all though so i can’t understand if its Street number or Block number. Just wondering in that row, if it’s a river behind Villa Alegria? a canal? or meadow?


  4. Hi Jen,

    WE are looking for a THree lots together. So, if there’s somebody’s gave-up their lots .Please let us know. Thanks !

    • Hi Ann, I’ll monitor latest updates regarding Villa Alegria lots, then inform you right away if there are three lots together that are available for sale. God bless.

  5. Hi, me available lots pa ba? Could you please send me to my email add., one more thing if there’s discount to be given if will paid in cash? Thanks!

    • Hello Jona, thank you for the inquiry. As of yesterday there’s only one lot left (Block 1 Lot 9). We will send you the computation.

  6. hi, is there any more lot available in alegria subdivision?or atleast somewhere around the area?if yes, then where,how much per sq.m.Thanks a lot!!!!

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